Academic journal articles

McMahon, S., Harwood, V., Bodkin-Andrews, G., O’Shea, S., McKnight, A., Chandler, P. & Priestly, A. (2016). Lessons from the AIME approach to the teaching relationship: valuing biepistemic practice. Pedagogy, Culture and Society.
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O’Shea, S., McMahon, S., Priestly, A., Bodkin-Andrews, G. and Harwood, V. (2015). ‘We are history in the making and we are walking together to change things for the better’: Exploring the flows and ripples of learning in a mentoring program for Indigenous young people. Education as Change, 20(1): 59-84.
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Harwood, V., McMahon, S. O’Shea, S., Bodkin-Andrews, A. & Priestly, A. (2015). Recognising Aspiration: The AIME program’s effectiveness in inspiring Indigenous young people’s participation in schooling and opportunities for further education and employment. Australian Educational Researcher.
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Priestly, A., Lynch, M., Wallace, C. and Harwood, V. (2015). Pathways to success: AIME’s educational mentoring model. Learning Communities: International journal of learning is social contexts. Special Issue: Indigenous pathways and transitions into higher education, 17: 45-53.
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O’ Shea, S., Harwood, V., Kervin, L., & Humphry, N. (2013). Connection, Challenge and Change: The narratives of university students mentoring young Indigenous Australians. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 21(4) 392-411.
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Chapters in books

O’ Shea, S., Chandler, P., Harwood, V., McMahon, S., Priestly, A. and Bodkin-Andrews, G. (2014).  AIME and the University of Wollongong, in the National Centre for Student *Equity in Higher Education (ed.). Partnerships in Education. Author: Perth, W.A. (pp. 63-4)
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Kervin, L., McMahon, S., O’Shea, S. & Harwood, V. (2014). Digital Storytelling: Capturing the stories of mentors in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, in P. Brindle (ed.) SAGE Research Methods Cases. London: Sage Publications.
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Bodkin-Andrews, G., Harwood, V., McMahon, S. & Priestly, A. (2013). AIM(E) for Completing School and University: Analyzing the Strength of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. In R. Craven & J. Mooney (eds), Seeding Success in Indigenous Australian Higher Education: Diversity in higher education, Emerald Publishing: USA.
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Harwood, V., Bodkin-Andrews, G., Clapham, K., O’Shea, S., Wright, J., Kervin, L.,  & McMahon, S. (2013) Evaluation of the AIME Outreach Program, University of Wollongong: Australia. Available here


Harwood, V., Chandler, P., Bodkin-Andrews, G., McKnight, A., O’Shea, S., McMahon, S., Johnstone, A. and Priestly, A. (2016). Understanding the achievements of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). Symposium at AARE, Melbourne, VIC, 27 November – 1 December.

Harwood, V., McMahon, S., Chandler, P., O’Shea, S., McKnight, A., Bodkin-Andrews, G., Priestly, A. (2016). Focus on AIME Mentoring. First in Family National Forum, Wollongong, NSW, 24-25 November, University of Wollongong.

Harwood, V., McMahon, S., Chandler, P., O’Shea, S., McKnight, A., Bodkin-Andrews, G., Priestly, A. (2016). Best practice in online remote mentoring: iSee online mentoring with young people in remote settings. First in Family National Forum, Wollongong, NSW, 24-25 November.

Murray, N., Harwood, V. and Brown, L. (2016). Promoting Educational Futures: LEAD MY LEARNING and the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). Presentation at the University of Aukland, New Zealand, 3 November.

Harwood, V., Chandler, P., O’Shea, S., McMahon, S., Priestly, A. (2016). ‘It is the best thing you can do at uni’: How volunteering as an AIME mentor enhances university students’ learning and positively impacts their community. Good Practice Report presented at STARS conference, Perth, Australia, 27 June – 2 July.

Harwood, V., Chandler, P., O’Shea, S. and McMahon, S. (2016). Community benefits from university students mentoring in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience program. Poster presented at Universities Australia Conference, Canberra, 9-10 March.

Johnstone, A., O’Shea, S., Harwood, V., Chandler, P., McMahon, S., Bodkin-Andrews, G. and Priestly, A. (2015). The university and the AIME learning environment: Inspiring and supporting Indigenous learners on campus, invited workshop at National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia Conference, Sydney, 25-26 November.

Chandler, P., Harwood, V., O’Shea, S., Bodkin-Andrews, G., Priestly, A. and McMahon, S. (2015). Smashing the gap: Indigenous Australians accessing and transitioning to university the AIME way, at the Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA) conference, Geelong, Australia, 9-12 November.    Presentation available here

Bodkin-Andrews, G., McMahon, S., Harwood, V. and Hogan, M. (2013). ‘Culturally appropriate pathways to enhancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ positive self-perceptions: Findings from the AIME mentoring program’, Australian Association for Research in Education, Adelaide, 1-5 December.

Other materials

McMahon, S., Johnstone, A., Newton, B., Gillard, J., Harwood, V., Senior, K. and Priestly, A. (2017). Virtual Mentoring Potential: exploring possibilities for extending the reach of campus-based mentoring programs, editorial published by National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), 19 April. Available here

AIME Research Partnership (2016). Real Mentoring in a Virtual World [6 minute video documentary]. Available here

O’Shea, S., Harwood, V. & Chandler, P. (2015). Getting students into uni is one thing, but how to keep them there?. The Conversation (25 September, 2015).
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